Exploros is for teachers and students in the 1:1 classroom.

Stop struggling with technology. Get back to teaching and learning.

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Google Spotlight - B Garza Middle School and Digital Citizenship

Exploros is for …


Exploros is for districts and their schools.


Your district has 1:1 devices. You also have years of teacher professional development and experience invested in your curriculum. Unfortunately, making your curriculum work with your devices can be complicated. Not anymore.

Exploros can bring your existing lesson plans to your 1:1 device classrooms. Students engage while practicing 21st-century skills and digital citizenship. Teachers can better see student progress, understanding, and achievement. You get visibility into how your curriculum is working and can adapt and improve over time. Learn more about Exploros for districts.

Click here to find out how Common Sense Education’s curriculum powered by Exploros and delivered on Google Chromebooks resulted in ease of use for teachers and increased engagement for students.

Common Sense Education powered by Exploros

Exploros is for publishers and their curricula.

Turn your high-quality print-based lesson plans into the digital products that 1:1 classrooms are seeking. Use classroom analytics to improve your curricula and learn directly from the teachers and students who use them. Tell us about your company.


Where Do You Get Curriculum?

In Exploros, lesson plans and activities are called “learning experiences.” You can get learning experiences in three ways.


Make Your Own

Burlington High School used the Exploros authoring tool to develop its own tablet-enabled curriculum. You can too.


Exploros Exchange

Common Sense Education’s Digital Citizenship experiences along with many others are available in the Exploros Exchange.


Publishing Partners

FOSS, CPO Science, and other curriculum developers and publishers serve schools directly using the Exploros system.

We’ll get you started

When you sign up, we’ll add a collaborative Exit Card experience to your app. You can use it to check student understanding at the end of any class.

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At Exploros, we believe teachers with dynamic curriculum have thriving classrooms where students develop life-long skills. Technology should not focus on replacing teachers. Technology should empower teachers to do what they do best.